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Level I - Shoden

First degree or Level I Reiki is where your journey begins and this one day course will not only wake up your ability to channel Reiki, it will show you just how easy Reiki is and give you an idea of the many and varied ways in which it can be used.

At the heart of the level I (Shoden) class is the Reiju Empowerment, which wakes up your ability to channel this delightful energy to use for your own spiritual development and healing.  Reiki is also beneficial to others and you can use it for treating friends, family and pets, as well as situations, plants, home and garden.  Its uses are many and varied, limited only by your imagination!

"Reiju" can be written in two different ways using Japanese kanji, being translated as “accepting the spirituality" or "giving the spirituality" (spirituality meaning ‘connection’ to the Reiki energy).  Other interpretations include “giving of the five blessings” and “the union of mind and ki”.

During your empowerment you may experience a feeling of the energy flowing, intense colours or visualisations, a feeling of expansion or connection to a higher power.  Others may get a feeling of a deep meditative state or of immense calm. However, not everyone has the ability to be energetically aware and for some there are no sensations at all.  Do not worry if you do not get the all singing/dancing, bells and whistles experience, your connection to Reiki will be awakened at this time.

Also included in this course are energy and mediation exercises to help develop your awareness of Reiki energy and time to carryout a Reiki healing on each other.  The class is informal and designed to be fun as well as informative.

To find out more about this course or to book your course please phone 07754801428 or e-mail janey@dragonflytherapies.co.uk. 



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