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About Me

Hello.  My name is Janey, I am married and I live in a small Scottish east coast village called Johnshaven with my husband our daughter and her calypso cat 'Minnie'. We also have two sons who are all grown up and have left home.  The older boy is married and he and is wife have given us two beautiful grandchildren who bring a lot of joy into all of our lives.

My interest in holistic therapies first started several years ago, as a result of a reiki session given to me by my daughter. I was so amazed by the strong images and colours experienced and as the following session left me feeling so great, I felt I had to learn how to pass this on to others. Not long after this I was initiated to Level I Reiki and six months later to Level II. In addition to this I signed up for a couple of courses through the open college for Reflexology and Aromatherapy. However, at this time it was more of a hobby than a life change and the courses themselves just covered the theory behind the treatments rather than practical techniques.

This all changed when I decided to leave my very stressful job and to take the plunge and go back to college full-time to pursue my dream of becoming a therapist. The ITEC course proved to be very intensive and there were many highs and lows experienced over this year, however in the end this was all worthwhile as I attained credits for all of the exams taken.   On completion of this course I then went on to do Reiki III Master/Teacher and can now offer Reiki empowerments as well as Reiki sessions.

Having carried out numerous treatments with client feedback, in conjunction with life experiences to date means that I am able to relate to a range of conditions and know that each person’s experience is unique to them.

Now I feel that I am one of those lucky people who has been able to find something which I really love to do and be in the enviable position to get on and do it.

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