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Indian Head Massage

It has long been the practice within Indian families to give each other a daily head massage, which is a great way of strengthening family bonds and giving some down time to family members.  Even young children are taught some basics and encouraged to join in.  In the west this simple practice has been combined with other massage techniques to enhance the overall experience and include those often problem areas of back, neck and shoulders. 

The routine can be done over clothing or using a suitable massage oil, making this adaptable to use both at home or at work.  Even better if you can find someone to join you so you can later swap sessions.

This workshop is informal, practical, fun and easy to learn with plenty of time allowed to put into practice those newly learned skills and to ask any questions you may have.  In fact why not get a group of friends or family together and book this class for an unusual and enjoyable day out!

This workshop is designed as a beginners introduction to Indian Head Massage and does not lead to an accredited practitioner qualification.


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