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Level II - Okuden

In Reiki level I/First Degree (Shoden) you were awakened to the wonderful Reiki energy and discovered ways in which this can be used for both personal development and helping others.  In Reiki level II/Second Degree (Okuden) your experience will be deepened as you are introduced to and learn about Earth energy, Heaven/Sky energy and Oneness. You will also be given three symbols with their mantras, which will aid you in your Reiki practice.

Although these symbols were not part of the original system of Reiki they were introduced to help members of the Japanese Navy who were not from a spiritual background.  These symbols will help you to use/be aware of the different types of energy and improve your focus when working with distance Reiki.  In addition to the symbols you will also learn about Kotodamas which can be chanted to help you become more intouch with the vibrational qualities of each energy.

As part of your course you will receive three Reiju blessings, which are given to empower you with the three symbols and what they represent, deepening your ability to channel Reiki energy.

"Reiju" may be written in different ways using Japanese kanji, and translated as “accepting the spirituality" or "giving the spirituality" (spirituality meaning ‘connection’ with Reiki energy).  This can also be interpretated as “giving of the five blessings” and “the union of mind and ki (life force/energy)”.

Kotodama are used to contact/experience the energies and were usually taught at second and third degree levels, pre-dating the use of symbols.  The word Kotodama means ‘word spirit’ or ‘the soul of the language’ and they come for Shintoism and are often used as Mantras for meditation.

As with the first degree course this second degree course is designed to be fun and informative, with plenty of time to put into practice what you learn.

Please phone 07754801428 or e-mail janey@dragonflytherapies.co.uk for further information or to book your place.


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