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Level III Shinpiden/Shihan

When you decide/are called to move onto Third Degree Reiki you are taking another major step in your Reiki journey, spiritual development and enlightenment.  Becoming a Reiki Master means that you are agreeing to become a master of yourself and your actions, especially in relation to your Reiki Practice.  This can bring about significant changes in yourself and your life, and personally I feel that a one or two day course may not give the amount of time and support you would like for this important progression.  For this reason anyone wishing to progress to Reiki Master with me will attend a total of five days over a 6-7 month period giving time to touch base and look at any aspects of you practice that may have given pause for thought.

During your first class you will receive a Reiju blessing giving you the master symbol along with its mantra and kotodama.  As with all my classes the main aim is that it should be fun and enjoyable, as well as informative, with plenty of time for practical exercises and exploring/answering any questions raised.

Weeks 2-4 are there to go over how your Reiki practice is developing and revisit some of the earlier aspects of Reiki learning.  You will receive a Reiju blessing at each session which helps to deepen your connection with Reiki and give you whatever it is you need most at that time.  This is the perfect opportunity for you to look at some aspect of Reiki practice and discuss ideas/experiences with myself and your fellow students.

The fifth and final day is where you receive the ability to empower others to the wonderful Reiki energy and to explore further the responsibility that goes with this.  As with all my classes the focus is on having fun and enjoying the whole experience, this is not a formal classroom with exams at the end!

Should you wish to discuss any of the above then please do not hesitate to get in touch, however you may need to leave me a message as my phone is often switch off when with clients or classes.

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