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Mediation is a state of consciousness used to go deeper into yourself, focusing your mind and eliminating outside influences, producing a state of deep peace and relaxation.  With this quieting of the mind comes the ability to listen to your own thoughts and to observe the mind, body and spirit, thereby allowing you to expand your spiritual awareness.

The benefits of meditation can include:-
1.       Reduction of stress and anxiety levels.
2.       Boosting the immune system and helping to reduce physical pain.
3.       Improving circulation to the brain and lowering of blood pressure.
4.       Deep relaxation and feeling at peace.
5.       Helps promote deep restful sleep.
6.       Improved concentration and focused mind.
7.       The mind becomes more open to new ideas and creativity.
8.       Identifies emotional state and brings about emotional balance.
9.       Enables you to identify/recognise your spiritual purpose or direction.
10.     Can bring about deeper understanding and awareness of others.
11.     Increased ability to make more grounded decisions.
12.     Better able to cope with day to day problems as able to view more objectively rather than just reacting.

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