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Back Massage

During this workshop you will learn a range of techniques to manipulate the soft tissues/muscles of the back so you can then give a lovely relaxing experience to family and friends.   Massage works on all levels to help bring about balance to mind, body and soul.  Its many benefits may include improved skin tone and colour, better circulation, deeper more relaxed breathing, relief to tired/stiff joints and muscles, reduction of stress and tension, relaxation of the mind, promoting positive feelings and increased energy levels.

This is a practicle workshop and is designed to be fun and informative.  Small groups (2-6 per class) means there is plenty of oportunity to ask questions and get individual help and advise.  Everything you need will be provided during this workshop so all you need to bring along is yourself, and maybe a friend who you can then have swapsy sessions with in the future.

Pleas note that this workshop is for basic techneques which may be used with friends and family and does not lead to a practioner qualification.


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