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Reiki is a gentle form of energy healing suitable for all and can be used anywhere, anytime, and does not need specialised equipment or method/ritual.  It is truely holistic helping to bring mind, body and spirit into balance and the ability to use Reiki is open to everyone.  It simply needs awakening and this is done by either an attunement or empowerment from a Reiki Master.

The word Reiki is generally translated as ‘Universal Life Force Energy’ and is broken down as

Rei = universal/spirit (pronounced Ray)
Ki = vital life force/energy (pronounced Key)

Originally developed in early 20th century in Japan by Mikao Usui (a Buddhist monk) as a form of self-healing and spiritual development, it soon became known to those around him that he was also able to heal others.  Usui was approached by a number of people wanting to learn this wonderful art of healing and so it began to spread.

Reiki was brought to the west by Mrs Takata of Hawaii, who adapted it and changed the story of its beginnings to make it more acceptable in post war America.   Reiki in the west developed differently to the original Japanese practice and it was thought that all the original students had died during the war.  However, in the 1990s it became known that Reiki was still being used in Japan and since then various western masters have learnt this more traditional form.  As the information becomes more readily available many Reiki Masters in the west are interrogating the two methods, including myself.

Reiki tuition is usually broken down into three levels and for many the first degree (Shoden) will be enough, allowing them to use Reiki for themselves and for friends and family.  Should you choose to move onto second degree (Okuden) you will learn about different energy vibrations and are intoroduced to coresponing symbols, mantras and kotodamas to help experience these.  One of the symbols given at this level is there to help focus the Reiki energy when working at a distance.  Third degree is often broken into two parts – advanced (Shinpiden) and master/teacher (Shihan).

There are many different approaches to teaching Reiki and personally I hold small classes of two to six people over two days for levels I & II.  Level III Reiki is taught over a period of time with a total of 5 one day sessions.  These classes are informal and allow plenty of time to explore your awakened ability to channel Reiki, with practical exercises and opportunity to ask questions throughout.  Previous students have commented on how much fun they have had and how confident they feel about using Reiki.

Below is a table of dates for upcoming classes, however with a minimum of two needed to run a class if these dates are unsuitable then please get in touch to discuss alternatives.  Groups of 4+ booking together will be eligible for a discount and should be able to arrange dates to suit.

There are no scheduled classes at present, however if you would like to book a class please get in touch to arrange suitable date(s) and location.

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