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Thai Hand Masssage

What is Thai Hand Massage?

Thai Hand Massage contains elements of shiatsu, reflexology, Chinese massage and yoga, and works on the physical, mental and subtle levels.   Working with the body’s meridian lines, which travel throughout the body including the arms and hands, and each meridian starts and ends with a pressure point.  The hands and feet can be seen as a map of the entire body and by using a ‘connect-in’ technique, deep seated muscles can be reached to sooth, comfort and rebalance the body’s energy to bring about a feeling of peace, tranquillity and improved well-being.

What are the benefits of Thai Hand Massage?

There are many benefits to Thai Hand Massage and these include increased blood flow and oxygen to hands and arms bring about improved circulation, stimulation of lymph drainage, breakdown of waste materials held in tense muscles, boosts immune system, reduced stiffness and improved mobility, easing of aches, alleviating stress, deep relaxation, releasing stagnant energy and improved energy levels, and a general improvement in overall wellbeing.

What happens during an appointment?

Prior to a treatment a consultation is carried out which is an important part of the process.  There is no need to undress as only the hands and lower arms will be worked on. You will be given the choice of whether you would prefer to sit or lie down for your session. Then, once you are comfortable, all you need to do is relax whilst I work on your hands and forearms. 

At the end of the session you will be given a glass of water, home care advice and time to come round before leaving to get on with the rest of your day.

Where does Thai Hand Massage originate from?

Thai Hand Massage has its roots in Ancient India where a physician known as Jivaka Komarabacca established the techniques which are still used today.  He is believed to have been a friend and contemporary of Lord Buddha and when Buddhism spread from India throughout the Asian continent the medical practices and institutions were taken as well being an integral part of the monasteries.  This spread of Buddhism reached Thailand in either the 3rd or 2nd century bc where dispensaries and medical schools were built adjacent to the temples.  Thai hand massage has been passed down through the temples and families in Thailand ever since and remains virtually unchanged from its ancient beginnings.


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