Welcome to Dragonfly Therapies

Dragonfly Therapies, based on the Aberdeenshire coast just south of Stonehaven and is run by the highly experienced Janey Archer, Reiki and EFT Therapist. We offer private sessions in EFT, Reiki and Hypnotherapy. Reiki training in levels I, II & III and a range of workshops are also available online or in person.  Group sessions can also be arranged.

How can Dragonfly Therapies help?

In our modern world we experience many stresses and challenges which can lead to a feeling of overwhelm and of being unable to cope, effecting our mental health and emotional wellbeing. These can also develop into physical symptoms such as pain or compulsive habit disorders.
These days the NHS is overwhelmed with people needing help and is unable to offer a complete and timeous service and that is where someone like myself can help, and all within the comfort of your own home. No transport issues or hanging around in waiting rooms, you can even have a cuppa of your own choice to hand to enjoy during your appointments.

Anxiety Tool Kit

Here’s an exercise that can help with your anxiety.

Reiki and EFT Therapist, Aberdeenshire


For me one of the most effective and beneficial therapy is EFT (also known as tapping). No prior knowledge is needed as I will guide you through each session and offer advice on how the method can be used on a daily basis. It really does get to the root of the problem even if you don’t know what that is!


Reiki is another effective technique available to all and works deep within helping and healing those wounds you may not even be aware of and helping to balance mind, body and spirit.  Everyone’s experience if diferent and most people have a lovely sense of peace and tranquillity at the end of thier session.


Hypnotherapy is something most of us have heard of, if only through tv and films. Theraputic Hypnosis is nothing like this, it is a useful tool in helping to reprogramme our unconscious mind, freeing us of unhelpful early programming, and to help deal with fears and phobias, as well as compulsive habits that can rule your life.