Reiki I

Start your journey into Reiki.

Reiki level I (Shoden) is a beginners class to help connect you to this wonderful energy system. Anyone can learn to use Reiki and some do so instinctively without even realising that is what they are doing. However, in our western science based culture many of use struggle to connect to and understand, or even accept the spiritual part of ourselves and this is where attending a class where you will receive a Reiki Empowerment (initiation) and learn the basics is so helpful.

No experience is necessary for this First Degree Reiki class, which is on a one to one basis over zoom so you don’t even need to leave the comfort of your own home. Teaching is informal and you Reiki Master, Janey is very approachable and happy to answer all your questions.

In some cases in person groups can be arranged so please get in touch if this interests you.

Reiki II

The next step on your Reiki journey

Reiki level II (Okuden) is for those having completed level I and wishing to progress further.

Your one to one classe is taught by Janey and will learn about the 3 of the Reiki symbols and empowered with the different levels of energy used.

This is a one day class and is for those who have completed Level I Reiki, either through myself or another Reiki Master.

Reiki III

The final step on your Reiki journey

Reiki III training is broken down into two stages the first being Shinpiden or Advanced and this is when you will receive the master symbol to work with and develop your awareness of this new energy vibration.

The second stage Shihan or Master/Teacher is when you learn how to empower others to the beautiful Reiki energy, although there is no obligation to do so unless this is what you choose to do.

In addition to the two key days for this training I also offer up to 3 interim days to allow you to come along and explore your progress and ask any questions you may have.

Reiki III is usually taught on a one to one basis meaning that each session is just 3-4 hours long. 

A period of about 6-8 months is usually the time between the first and second part of this training, however if you feel you need longer then this is perfectly ok.

This is your personal Reiki journey and it is essential that the time taken is what is best for you.

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