EFT for Animals

Emotional stress and trauma does not only effect humans, it can affect our animal friends too. Animals however are unable to tell us what is wrong, why they bark all day or go and hide from the hoover. Pet owners will be well aware of any strange behaviour and nervous habits for their fur babies, however where this behaviour was learned or why it persists may not be so clear.

How can EFT help?

It is possible to tap for our animal friends and this can have some pretty amazing results even when the animal isn’t present.
So how do we go about this? Well at the start of a session I will ask about who we will be tapping for and a bit about what the issue is and we will start to tap round this, keeping things general to begin with. As the session goes on we will switch to talking to the animal, to inform them of anything that may be relevant and give reassurance where appropriate. As with any EFT session it is hard to predict just how many session will be needed to clear an issue and in most cases owners reported back that some change is apparent after just one session.
If you feel that EFT may help an animal you are concerned about in some way then please do get in touch to discuss this further or use a booking button below.

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For most an hour’s session at a time is good, however for some a longer time maybe beneficial, for example if the issue is very complex. If you are unsure what option to choose then please get in touch to discuss your requirements.


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