Reiki for Animals

Reiki is a non-intrusive, hands off, form of energy healing and is equally helpful to our animal friends as it is to humans. Anyone who has a family pet is probably aware of how more intuitive they can be, often sensing things we do not, like just knowing when someone is on their way home or that something is wrong. This makes them very receptive to Reiki, well they haven’t been told that it is nonsense or all in their imagination. Animals are also very clear whether they want Reiki or not so it cannot be forced onto them and it will always work for their best interest and this should be kept in mind when booking an appointment for an animal you care about.

Reiki sessions are given by distance and there is no need for the animal to be present as the Reiki goes where it is sent and all that is needed is a photo of the animal in question and some information about why you want Reiki to be sent.

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Distance Reiki sessions begin with either a video or phone call with a follow up call afterwards.


45 minutes

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