Reiki Level III


Become a Reiki Master/Teacher


Reiki III training is broken down into two stages the first being Shinpiden or Advanced and this is when you will receive the master symbol to work with and develop your awareness of this new energy vibration.

The second stage Shihan or Master/Teacher is when you learn how to empower others to the beautiful Reiki energy, although there is no obligation to do so unless this is what you choose to do.

Reiki III is usually taught on a one to one basis meaning that each session is just 3-4 hours long. This is done via a private video link, meaning that you can stay in the comfort of your own home for this wonderful learning experience.

The preriod of time allowed between the two sessions is up to you, as with all things Reiki you progress at your own pace and there is no time limit on when to complete the Shihan part of this training.

Reiki Level III

One to one Reiki session


Two half day Sessions

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