Reiki Level II (Okuden)


The next step on your Reiki journey


Reiki level II (Okuden) is for those have completed level I and are now ready to progress further or who wish to revisit second degree Reiki.

Your Reiki Master for this one to one class is Janey and she will teach you all about the 3 Reiki symbols associated at with this level. This is a relaxed and informal class and there is plenty of time and opportunity to ask questions and discuss any aspect that particularly interests you.  As part of your day you will also be empower (initiated) with the different levels of energy used.

This is a one day class carried out over a private video link allowing you to take this class from the comfort of your own home. However if you are interested in arranging a group class, then it may be possible to hold the class in person and for groups the time allowed can be spilt over 2 days.

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Reiki Level II

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